International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8, and is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women for the past 15 years. While this is a very special day, what  can we do to celebrate women every day? Here are some ideas to keep the positive vibes for women and their accomplishments flowing and continue to work to achieve change.

Open Yourself Up to  a Daily Connection with Women

Creating a sisterhood with women is a way to honor each other every day. These relationships create a unified positive relationship and allow us to support one another. Whether it is as simple as a friendly text, a phone call, lunch together, or an evening out with the girls, spending time together creates a long-term consistent relationship. We are there to listen, learn, and help move each other forward and through rough times. We should be there to empower and celebrate in each other’s successes.

Mentor Women at Work

Mentoring and helping women at your workplace is the ideal solution to excel and empower women to create greater gender diversity and improve your organization. It is crucial for women in the workplace to have role models. Mentoring helps women learn and create goals to reach, enabling them to move ahead. If one does already not exist, consider creating a Women’s Mentor Program in your company.

Mentor Girls/Young Women

We can help prepare girls for success with guidance, resource and support. Mentoring a young girl through a guided relationship will foster the resilience needed for her to navigate through adolescence without losing her dreams along the way. A mentor-mentee relationship provides a protected space for the adult and the girl to connect through shared experiences. There are numerous organizations available offering youth mentoring programs.

Better Understanding of Global Women’s Issues

Embracing the diversity and beauty of women globally allows us to understand that women have more in common than not. If you have the time and resources, volunteer with women in other countries to learn about their struggles and issues. Otherwise, stay educated on what is going on with women in other countries through magazines, newspapers, the internet and other sources. If possible, donate to established organizations that are addressing important gender issues on a daily basis.

Speak out regarding injustice and violence against women everywhere

If women are complacent and reticent to speak out when they see injustice to others, things will never change. There are many ways to do this. For some, posting on social media to bring to light issues against women is their way to make people aware. Others are more verbal, and join global women’s movements to create unity and voice their opinions through marches, political lobbying and support. Encouraging men to support gender issues is another way to use your voice. Whatever platform you choose, the key is for women to speak out in some way to evoke change.

When we empower, inspire, mentor and connect with other women, we realize that Women’s Day is every day!

written by Tonia DeCosimo