There’s a difference between being confident and being cocky. Cockiness displays insecurity and ignorance, while confidence exudes comfort and self-assurance.

Think twice before taking a selfie half-naked in front of your bathroom mirror and posting it on a dating site profile.

Don’t always hang out with other “singles” when looking for a mate. You are all looking for the same thing. Try and hang out with your married friends.

Strong fragrances can be a turn-off, especially on a first date. Keep the scent clean and subtle.

If you are asked out on a second date after a first meeting, and you’re not interested, have the common decency to say so. Just tell your date it was a pleasure to meet, and you wish the best luck for love in the future. Everything is in the way you say it.

When eating on your first date, keep the garlic to a minimum, unless you are both eating it.

Instead of chewing gum when meeting someone, suck on a mint.

Dress appropriately for where you are going, especially on your first few dates. Remember, first impressions count for more than you think!

Put your cell phone on vibrate or silence. Texting or answering the phone on a date displays poor manners.

Always be gracious and thank the person, even if you think you’ll never date them again.

Try going out on an “off-night” like a Tuesday or Wednesday, rather than Friday or Saturday. There is less competition and you may have a better chance of meeting someone and making a connection.

Get outside and be active. It is the best way to meet people who enjoy the same things as you do and get your exercise too. Also, there is always the get together afterward, like at the ski lodge for hot toddies, to scope out possible dates.

If you have a furry friend, take them for a walk or to the dog park. There is nothing quite like a cute puppy dog to entice people to come over and chat.

If you are over 40 and single, you are probably set in your ways. But remember, you are single and you might have to adjust if you want to move forward with a partner.

Want more tips? Keep an eye out!

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