We all know what it feels like to walk into a room full of people, including at least a few eligible men. Why does one always immediately grab your interest? Your breath quickens and your heart beats faster. As you stand there, the aura around your chosen one vibrates and glows brighter and brighter while the others fade to a barely noticeable shade of grey.

What is that? Is that chemistry, physical attraction, or conditioning? If you know nothing more of one person than another, why does one stand out? That special one whom appears to radiate an almost electrical charge that pushes your pulse to near stroke level? You know it happens, but you don’t understand how one person manages so efficiently to manipulate your chemistry while another leaves you with no reaction whatsoever.

Unlike last year’s fashions, most of us never outgrow the burst of excitement that erupts when a potential new heartthrob appears. Suddenly all the layers of cynicism peel away and there you are emotionally exposed, filled with hope, ready to share your heart and start anew. Is that chemistry, physical attraction, or conditioning? Why does it always feel so great, even though we know we have been burned in the past?