Most people despise the feeling of being unjustly wronged.  Some of us are able to let it go and move on, while others continue to seethe and hold a grudge

Most managers agree that it is uncomfortable to deliver negative feedback to an employee and will often try to avoid the task. However, there are secrets to giving constructive criticism

Our world today involves constant noise and interruptions.  Whether it is traffic and sirens in the city, lawnmowers and overhead planes in the suburbs, the hum and noise of the

June 10, 2019

The Rewards of Failure

Today’s children have been termed a “failure-deprived generation.”  They have been cushioned from the blow of failure by parents who intercede on their behalf in every area of their lives

Employees are only as good as the boss who leads them. This is one of the reasons that career coaches will often counsel clients to “pick the boss, not the

And The Honorees Were…. The P.O.W.E.R. Awards Gala on May 16, 2019 at The Mansion at Oyster Bay in Woodbury, NY was a true success. Honoring women who make a

There are people during the course of our lives that we rely on to nurture us, educate us, care for our health and protect and fight for our country. May

About Us P.O.W.E.R., Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized, is an organization which features celebrities, A-listers and everyday hardworking women from different backgrounds, cultures and who work in various

April 22, 2019

The Gender Wage Gap

Women are almost half of the workforce and are the sole or co-breadwinner in half of American families with children. Even though women receive more college and graduate degrees than

There are a lot of people who lament dating over 40, and it’s true that there are some downsides. The pressure to find someone, the isolation of not being in

Having low energy and feeling tired all the time is a chain reaction.  Because you don’t sleep well, you wake up feeling tired and miserable.  As a result, you have

There are certain people who love spending time alone.  However, a recent study published by “Science” showed that many of us would rather give ourselves electric shocks than be by ourselves

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8, and is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women for the past 15 years. While this

If you’re over 40 and back out in the dating world, it may have been quite a few years since you’ve dipped your foot into the dating pool or maybe

March 6, 2019

Women Who Inspire Us

Growing out of a small town school event in California in 1978, Women’s History Month has been observed in March since 1987, when the U.S. Congress declared it.  It is a

Valentine’s Day.  Just hearing the words can set off a panic button for men and women alike.  Whether you are single or in a relationship, this can be a holiday full

Valentine’s Day. Just seeing the phrase sets off a panic button for men and women alike. When you’re single, this can be a holiday full of expectations, excitement, disappointments, stress, and exhilaration

We all know the benefits of planning ahead and mapping out a course for success.  When you have set your sights on a goal, it is important to chart out

Creating a new self-image is an excellent way to discover the “me” that is often buried within your psyche. For some of us, this is a positive image and for

Being single after 40 is a time to cherish and celebrate. By our 40’s, we’ve had plenty of time to figure out what we want in a partner. We have

January 9, 2019

My Three C’s to Success

My Three C’s to Success, are confidence, control and conviction.  These have helped me in my life as well as the lives many of my employees and people I have trained

December 28, 2018

Self-Care For the New Year

If you want 2019 to be your best year yet, it’s time to focus on yourself and make the changes needed to do just that.  Everyone talks about self-care thinking

December 10, 2018

New Year’s Resolutions

Wow, 2019 is almost here!  Time certainly flies when you are a woman juggling it all.  It is time to think about what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be:

Scientists have documented the value of the bonds we have with our friends. Our friends support, buoy, and connect with us in so many ways. In today’s society, we now

With Thanksgiving arriving in a few days, I have been thinking about the importance of thankfulness and gratitude. Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about this on a daily basis.

It’s that time of year again when those of us over 40 start to think about Thanksgiving and all the other holidays that follow. For most, our first reaction is

We are programmed to think that failure is always a bad thing. However, it is through failure and mistakes that we learn to change and grow. We need to remind

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about Thanksgiving and all the other holidays that will follow.  My first reaction is a positive one, thinking of

Have you ever noticed that as the days get shorter, and the hours of sunlight lessen, your mood shifts?  When it’s bright and sunny everyone tends to be in a

As you reach your 40’s, let’s face it, your body and even your mindset may shift a bit. Most of us have had moments where our self-image and confidence were

October 4, 2018

Are You Too Quick To Judge?

In the 21st century it seems people are too quick to judge without all the facts. We are apt to complain, think the worst and even spread rumors. We tweet

Eat Right, Workout, Feel Good As we age, we begin seeing shifts in our bodies and minds. Hopefully, for many of us, the changes are positive, however, the reality is

August 21, 2018

Quieting an Overactive Mind

Does this sound like you?  You are a professional woman or an entrepreneur, you have an ever-growing to do list, and your mind is always active, running on with thoughts

The Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized highlights women looking to network, empower, mentor, and gain added exposure. http:// “The Old Boys’ Club” is where men meet over golf

August 15, 2018

Calming the Doer in You

Prevent Burnout Is your mind constantly twisting and turning? Ideas, memories, worries churning all the time? You try to turn it off but can’t. You are not alone. Most of

Do you have trouble self-promoting because you feel it is too much like bragging?  As children, we are often taught that no one likes a braggart.  As a result, women

Getting divorced at any age is a life changing event, even if you feel it’s for the best. But the good news is that divorce doesn’t carry the stigma it

July 26, 2018

Summer Skin Care

Summer is the season to enjoy being outside, but it’s important to modify your skin care routine to accommodate the changing weather and exposure.  UVA/UVB rays are harmful all year long

Why is it that some people bounce back after disappointment or trauma, and others can’t seem to move past it?  Some claim we are born with resilience, but psychologists say

Let’s face it.  Women have been known to be catty and not supportive of each other.  As more and more women are in the workforce, they are encountering females who

What makes for a better work and personal environment? Are you old enough to remember the days before the advent of the Internet? If so, then you can also remember

In your grandparent’s and probably your parent’s generation, marriage was expected before age 25 with children shortly thereafter. For many in the 21st century, those expectations have changed. Although most still

Is following your passion always the best answer?  Anytime you look for advice regarding a career or job position, people often say, “Follow your passion.”  What does following your passion

May 29, 2018

The Power of Summer

Why is summer such a powerful and uplifting time?  Summer, for most people, is the best time of year.  It brings thoughts of suntan lotion scented like coconut, BBQ’s, flowers

May 18, 2018

Magazine Madness!!!!

P.O.W.E.R. Introduces Its New Magazine – Online And In Print – And Discovers What It Takes To Make It Great! P.O.W.E.R. provides an online networking forum for women professionals.  We

We all know how important exercise is both physically and mentally.  For some of us, we join a gym and work out several times a week, scheduling it in with

If you’re single over 40, chances are your journey of surviving the dating world in the 21st century is starting to take its toll. And if you’re anything like me, you

Ah… menopause.  That time in a woman’s life when her monthly reproductive schedule comes to a grinding halt.  After years of menstruation followed by the precursor, peri-menopause, the monthly cycle

Who are women today? Are we housewives, career women or are we both? As women, we are very hard on ourselves when it comes to trying to prove we can

Whether you are a career woman with a family, a homemaker or even a single working woman tired of eating the crispy fried onions from the package over the sink,

In today’s society, women are faced with having to retain a younger look as they age.  In addition to all of the daily stresses in our busy lives between work

March 5, 2018

Powerful You

When people hear the word power or powerful, usually two things come to mind: prestige and money.  Who doesn’t like prestige and money???  The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of the

Most of us dream of becoming successful, even from an early age.  Success is perceived as power, wealth, and being at the top of your game.  Some people reach the

Does the saying, “Dress for Success” still ring true?  Today, more women are in the workforce than ever before and in positions of power such as CEOs, CFO, Directors and

Women know what they would like for Valentine’s Day (flowers, chocolate, jewelry, perfume) and they are happy to express it.  What about the man in your life?  Most men feel

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you’re probably used to seeing those big hearts filled with chocolates at every store—and everyone has their favorite candy in the box. Some like nuts;

Husband is in Control For many generations, the man of the house was the sole or main breadwinner, and thus had the discretion to control the finances at home.  The

When each relationship fails and you start over, there is a sense of dread, even if your past relationship was a horror. I don’t know too many people that are

January 24, 2018

Dating with Caution

In one of my latest blogs, I talked about how to potentially meet people and how those of us in our 40s and 50s are in a transitional period. Meaning,

January 24, 2018

The Dilemma in Dating

Just the word “dating” gives many single people hives. Men and women search in earnest for their dream mate, soul-mate, or simply the “right person” – only to walk away

We all know what it feels like to walk into a room full of people, including at least a few eligible men. Why does one always immediately grab your interest?

It’s true that physical attraction and chemistry can jump start any relationship. But what does it take to form a lasting relationship? If a relationship ignites too quickly, primarily inflamed

January 24, 2018

Dating in the 21st Century

Lets face it ladies, dating in this fast paced world is difficult and often disappointing. You would think with all the social media sites and dating apps at our fingertips,

  Women’s empowerment is probably one of the most talked about topics today.  Whether it’s empowering one another, inspiring each other or recognizing others for their accomplishments, many women are

January 8, 2018

New Year, New You

  Happy New Year!  A new year is a time of reflection and introspection.  It is a time to look back over the previous year and determine what successes we

December 22, 2017

Dreams of Independence

  You have a dream of independence and a passion that you’re convinced will make you a millionaire.  All you have to do is start your own business and magically

December 18, 2017

Politics and Business

  Imagine this scenario:  You attend a networking event and, as you are introducing yourself as a professional in your specific industry, you are asked about your political view. After

When most people think of December, they think of holidays and the New Year around the corner. But it’s also a time to look back and remember both our successes

November 17, 2017

Harassment in the Workplace

  Every day we hear about top executives and professionals in every industry being brought up on charges of harassment in the workplace.  Why does it seem to be occurring

November 16, 2017

Time Management Tools

  Only a few years ago the only time management tool was a calendar where you put all of your appointments.  Today, however, things are very different.  With the advances

  Time management is a misnomer as everyone gets the same number of hours in a day.  You are not really managing time, but rather managing the time you have

As the author of the book Single and Not Settling! A Journey of Surviving the Dating World I’ve interviewed a number of men and women in their 40’s on the topic of

  Confidence is the belief in one’s ability to succeed. It is key when presenting yourself in business. Having ability is one thing, but believing in your ability is what

September 1, 2017

End of Year Goals

  In the month of September, as we come into the fourth quarter of the year, it is time to re-evaluate the goals you created earlier in the year to

“Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the

August 4, 2017

The Art of Collaboration

The art of collaboration is a key factor when building a successful business or career.  What is collaboration and why is it important in your professional life? Collaboration is the

Whether you’re dating in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or older, it seems that everyone is in a better mood in the summertime. What is it that makes us come alive

Professional women today are taking on more responsibilities than ever before. They are business owners, presidents of corporations, attorneys, executives, doctors, and the list goes on. They are also wives

  What does networking mean for you? Are you one to go out, attend events, meet new people or do you prefer to network via social media? There is no

More and more adults who are dating over 40 have never been married or are divorced and out there again for another round. Meeting the right person is about as

You often hear the phrase, “If you are not networking…you are not working”.  Networking with every person you communicate with can be a potential business contact.  Take the time to

How do you navigate the dating world when you’re single and really want to meet someone? It’s not always easy. In fact, it’s almost always hard. But while making my

The thing that’s great about having different seasons is that there’s something new to look forward to with each one. No matter where you live, spring always brings about a

Many view being single on Valentine’s Day as sad and depressing. You may still be feeling the sting of a relationship that ended, or you are just frustrated that you

After speaking with numerous men in their 40’s, I’ve found that the majority of them look at women over 40 in two ways; they either love the fact that they’re

2017 is here! The start of the New Year is a great time for making resolutions, but it’s also about creating goals and trying new things to live a more

Holidays are most enjoyable when you have a partner or spouse to celebrate with, along with a handful of children. However, they can be difficult when you’re single and alone.

If you’re still single over 40, it may be that you’re the best catch in the world and your time just hasn’t come yet. Or is it something deeper? As

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll meet a lot of great men while dating in your 40’s. But meeting the right man takes work, effort, and more than

Some people tend to view being single over 40 as a negative thing—there are the common stereotypes of the old maid, the spinster, the weirdo cat lady, or the loner

As a growing number of women continue to look for love over the age of 40, there are the same traditional complexities as well as new, more contemporary complications that

When you’re in your 40’s, dating can be a little bit tricky to navigate. Many of us are getting back into the dating scene after taking a break (or yes,

If you’re dating over 40, you come to the dating scene with a lot of experience from your past loves and relationships. Sometimes that experience can work in your favor—you

Many singles I know over the age of 40 ask me what the best ways to meet someone are. Well, my mother, who met my father when he came over to