Are you single? Tired of the nightmares of dating?

Then you need to read this Book.


In 1960, 60% of all Americans were married by the age of 29. That number is now down to 20%.

When Tonia DeCosimo turned 29, she was officially a statistic–one of the millions of single women experiencing the tribulations, as well as the joys, of trying to find a romantic life partner. SINGLE AND NOT SETTLING! is DeCosimo’s memoir of her journey through the dating world.

DeCosimo experienced it all from speed dating to internet dating.  She went on dozens and dozens of blind dates and first dates; she hung out with friends at local singles bars and spent summers sharing ‘single’s houses’ in vacation communities. She had several proposals as well as two broken engagements, and she forged wonderful bonds of friendship with other single women. Through it all, she experienced extreme highs and heartbreaking lows–many laughs and too many tears.  DeCosimo’s memoir will speak to any woman who has ever searched through dozen of profiles on dating sites or cried herself to sleep because she realized she had to end a romance with a guy who drank too much, watched too much porn, or didn’t understand the concepts of commitment or fidelity. As much as she wanted marriage and a family, there was a limit to how much she wanted to settle.

SINGLE AND NOT SETTLING! allows readers to have a close up look at what it means to be a woman searching for love in the 21st Century.

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